Who owns Israel?

Think the Israel thing was started in about 1100 BC. Then the Assyrians took over in 722 BC. Then the Babylonians in 586 BC. Then the Persians. Then a lot if little Greek cult types. Then the Romans in 63 BC. Then the Greco-Romans and the Samaritans ( who were not particularly good, ergo the oxymoron of the “good” Samaritan). Then the Christians, the Samaritans again, the Persians, a short lived Jewish empire again, then the Byzantine Empire. Then the Arabs, who warred among different sects for control, which changed hands back and forth for a couple hundred years. Then the Turks took over and held it until the British conquered them in 1920 and partitioned everything up.
It’s been downhill from there.

I would posit that other empires and tribes rose and fell in the area before the Jewish one in 1100. Just don’t have records going back further. I expect that the natural “us versus them” mentality that lives in humans arose every time a group got to big and created an impetus to fight and split. This probably conferred a survival advantage in the 100,000 years before agriculture.

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Patrick Henry argued AGAINST this Constitution (too weak)

Besides the expenses of maintaining the Senate and other House in as much splendor as they please, there is to be a great and mighty President, with very extensive powers; the powers of a King: He is to be supported in extravagant magnificence: So that the whole of our property may be taken by this American Government, by laying what taxes they please, giving themselves what salaries they please, and suspending our laws at their pleasure._ Patrick Henry

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Keep the rabble complacent until it’s too late

Since the government is going to print money to make up for where they spend more than they can collect and borrow, ANYWAY.
And since we are on track for hyperinflation and currency collapse, ANYWAY.
And since no one in the government is doing anything to change our course, and they are trying to accelerate it, ANYWAY.
Why bother with having an IRS?
Why not allow the productive people the little illusion that everything is fine and let them enjoy the good life like Congress is doing as things progress towards that final catastrophe.
Quit taking the money up front in taxes. It’s going away fast enough as planned inflation takes away the value. Let them keep it until it all goes away. If anything, it’ll prolong the fiction and make them that much more willing to keep trying in the face of inevitable failure.

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Do as we say

The US government’s laissez-faire attitude towards the corporate cartel-state, out-running and out-gunning the elected representatives of the people in Mexico and Central America, had lead to all of those families paying their life savings to smuggle their children here to rescue them.
They don’t realize that the same ineffectual governing here is making American cities an equivalent hell-hole to those that end up there. While the US is dumping billions into deposing a few antiquated Middle East kingdoms, the cartels have killed more people than died in the US’s war in Afghanistan.
So many that the Mexican government quit releasing the numbers last year when the numbers topped 35,000.
Our government is morally corrupt to keep playing in the Middle East’s stye while we have a Biblical log here.

Like lies, there are wars of commission and wars of omission.

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The illusion of no choice

The problem here is that the English language is not specific.  It uses terms that people use even though they do not truly understand what they are identifying with.  For example, the term “liberal”.  This has been usurped by the Democratic party.  Sounds good.  Has a positive connotation.  Sounds positive.  But this gets lumped into the same category as “progressive” now.  And the term “conservative” use bandied about mostly by the press, to refer to fat-cat bureaucrats and crony capitalists,  A perceived negative term that  most people who claim to be conservative have no affinity to.  Most of the liberals do not really want a controlling fascist state regulating every aspect of our lives and stomping on people that do not adhere.  While the folks running their party rail against such an idea, that is exactly what they have built.  And most of the folks that identify as conservative do not identify with the corrupted group of RINOs that has taken over most of the Republican party.  The ones that want the perpetual war that the government has been running to continue.

Liberals have more in common with little “r” conservatives than they do with the progressives and little “r”s are closer to liberals than they are to the RINOs.   And the Progressives and the RINOs are working very hard to prevent either group from getting with the other and from providing either with a more central American choice in politics.

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Just a hater would point out the discrepancy

Obama says there’s too much income disparity.  Wonder how many iPads Steve Jobs would have manufactured if he was earning $7.25 an hour?

Must be a hater to point out this discrepancy.

Or a hypocrit to ignore it.

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Pearls before swine

At Harvard and Stanford, historians are putting together ground – breaking research on just how Benjamin Franklin made intellectual connections with other prominent intellectuals to become one of the preeminent thinkers and inventors of his day.  Ground – breaking on “how”.  Totally missing or ignoring the conclusions he came to.  The”why”.  Why of all possible forms of government that he could have been involved in setting up, of all the multiplicity of forms that had been tried before,  he was so enamored of a representative republic and so contemptuous and dismissive of both democracy and of any form of socialism. Which he could just as easily have chosen.   The pearls of history are sitting there, waiting. Harvard and Stanford could just as easily show why the direction that the lib-progs are taking the country was so beneath the consideration of one of the most brilliant men on the planet 237 years ago.
Might actually let the country see why it is still such a bad idea now.
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Not insane

Exemptions to Obamacare are like subsidies to Obamacare. Both are examples of specific welfare rather than general welfare and are highly unconstitutional. In the Federalist Papers, Jefferson and Madison both argued  that only an insane person would think that specific welfare was allowed, given all the limitations that they included in the Constitution.

Not insane.  Just victims of government schools.

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By their works shall ye know them

Obama, “the Taliban are not our enemy and we don’t want to fight them.”

Autumn edition of Azan, the Tali ban magazine 4th edition,  Muslims of the West should launch attacks at home or fight in foreign battlefields,  even if they must leave their children or elderly parents.

Like they’re not reading each others press releases.  Perhaps the Taliban is paying more attention to his continuing to attack them with bombs.

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The damn thing just won’t die

In 2008, the United States had 800 billion dollars in existence.   Obama has been printing a trillion dollars a year and rolling it into the American economy.   It’s a miracle that the purchasing power of the dollar has only been cut in half in the last 6 years.

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