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Our revolution and separation from King George was based on the premise that the government does not have the right to appropriate property of its citizens to use for whatever purposes it chooses, unless those citizens or their representatives agree … Continue reading

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Gitch yer motor runnin’

John Galt said that he was going to stop the motor of the world.  The US economic growth has fallen to a little over 1%. 0% if you remove the growth of the government by borrowing and spending and hiring. … Continue reading

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The royal “we”

On October 24, Presbo told a crowd at a campaign speech event in Las Vegas (in a state hit particularly hard by the downturn of the economy brought on by the policies of the lib/prog Congress for the last 5 years, but … Continue reading

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When did America die, Daddy?

November 23, 1963. That was the day that LBJ was sworn into office as president and laid the groundwork for the “great society” that FDR and Woodrow Wilson had envisioned but been unable to pull off.  That was the actual … Continue reading

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The Adult Baby Government

Californian Stanley Thorton was featured in the National Geographic channel show Taboo, which details different sexual proclivities and paraphilias.  Mr. Thorton happens to relish the idea of dressing and pretending to be an infant.  To that end he has sought … Continue reading

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A little wisdom from blogger “snowleopard”

The manipulation: A. “99% — Farce, astroturfical and superficial lies being told; loud and long until people believe them. B. “Spontanious uprising” — Nope, the Tea Parties were, not this astroturf WORLD WIDE movement. C. “Not anti semetic” — Look … Continue reading

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News/ we could lose

According to the UK Telegraph: “Just when the eurozone governments thought it could not get worse for Europe’s single currency, it did.  Shell-shocked EU finance ministers meeting in Brussels on Saturday were already reeling from the worst Franco-German rift for … Continue reading

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Duty to spend blood and treasure

And to protect!  Especially. Which is why we have sent 100 American combat troops to operate on the ground in the religious/civil war cluster f*** that is going on in Uganda.  Putting the lives of young American mostly conservative men at … Continue reading

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But who’s counting

Haliburton got a no-bid contract to supply stuff to the war effort under Bush.  Over 250 stories lambasting that in the mainstream media. Only 15 stories so far in the mainstream media regarding the billion dollars slushed over to Solyndra … Continue reading

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Thank you ,Lloyd.

 The Progressive’s Perfect Trojan Horse By Lloyd Marcus   As millions of my fellow Americans, I am outraged, devastated and extremely angry by the democrat’s unbelievable arrogance and disdain for We The People.  Despite our screaming “no” from the rooftops, … Continue reading

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