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Who’s your (sugar)daddy?

We have all of this government because of BOTH parties.  But the Repubs control the House from whence are distributed out all the tax dollars.  All of this government continues because the REPUBS have not shut off the spigot.  Forget … Continue reading

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I Inherited This Recession

Don’t you get tired of every new resident of the White House blaming the economic situation and the state of the economy on their predesessor?  Seems like every president has been reading the same playbook.  Only difference is for how … Continue reading

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The next war

The next war, unfortunately, is going to be fought on the streets of America.  The troops of the opposition will not be the NYCC/ACORN sponsered and run OWS crowd because they are turning into a joke and are petering out, … Continue reading

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What if?

What if…. the distance to the iceberg is closer than our turning radius and closer than our braking capability. Should you be still plugging away in the Titanic’s boiler room? Or are there other things that you might be doing? … Continue reading

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Who is to blame?

“Policy Statement on Discrimination in Lending” aka President Clinton plan of slamming the banks with 10 different federal agencies that were operating under his direction and were that then told to begin the massive efforts making loans to lower income and … Continue reading

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At some point, YOU’ve made enough money

In Presbo’s world, there ARE no Microsofts, no GEs, no GMs, no Googles.  Noone every accumulates enough money to lauch a company that requires the invesment of millions of dollars.  Sounds like a cold, joyless place. Be nice if our … Continue reading

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Money is a hater, too

Equalize it all.  Take the money away from those who have been successful at accumulating.  Who have been willing to trade 50-60-70 hours a week of their life and risk for success.  Hours of study.  Unpaid hours working towards a … Continue reading

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