Bill Gates said that he would not be able to build a company like Microsoft today under the onerous conditions imposed on companies trying to operate within the US by the US government.  Steve Jobs, when asked by Presbo about the jobs that Apple had sent overseas, told him “those jobs aren’t coming back”.  Given the current US rules, taxes and regulations, and the unlikelihood that Presbo and Congress, with the throttlehold that Reid has on the Senate, would roll them back, that was a quite a realistic response.

Remains to be seen if all of the people who are so ready to be rescued will now vote for someone whose policies created the need to be rescued.  In the US, we have multiple times in the past handled unemployment and bad economic conditions with massive rollback in government spending and taxes and each time it has resulted in a booming economy.  And seen massive spending and taxing have negative results.  They say that they want it to work so badly.  And that is how it always does work.  So badly.


About drrik

3rd career and 2nd childhood. Spends spare time repairing old things. Aspires to burn more gasoline, gunpowder, and ink in pursuit of slowing down. Child of the 60s and aspiring student of history. No desire to see us repeat the failed social experiments that keep failing for lack of human beings that meet the left wing standards and have to be killed off. Did engineering long enough to realize that very little is new and the wheel does not need to be reinvented.
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4 Responses to Wishing

  1. Mrs. AL says:

    And the nightmare continues …

    • drrik says:

      The issue is that we are not that bad off. Our economy, which has produced beter life and more largesse than any other groups of econopmies in the world, is only a little off of being ok. It would only take holding the increase in the rate of spending to 2% a year to have us back in the black in 10 years. Not that hard. Not the last minute yet, by a long shot, despite the ministrations of the pretender.

      • Mrs. AL says:

        Unless I am misunderstanding your point here, I keep trying to share with folks that putting this ship back on the correct course is NOT THAT HARD. It’s a matter of DOING IT!! The usual response is one of disagreement. Did I misunderstand?

      • drrik says:

        It is not hard, except to folks that have to do something other than support the status quo. For them it is very hard. Listened to the Georgia Attorney General, Sam Olens repond to a question last week asking about the state’s position on the unconstitutional mandate and nullification about how important it is to obey “the law”. Given to believe that he has no stomach for questioning an unconstitutional one.
        Sunshine patriot.
        Still we just got rid of an Attorney General that was actively undermining the state’s rights, so we are better than we were. Just not there yet.

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