Yes “we” can’t

“We can’t drive our SUVs and eat as much as we want and keep our homes on 72 degrees at all times … and then just expect that other countries are going to say OK.  That’s not leadership. That’s not going to happen,” _Presbo May ’08

The minute he hit the Oval Office in January 2009, he cranked up the thermostat in the Oval Office to Hawaii temperatures and was lounging without his suit jacket and with his sleeves rolled up.  This during a colder than average Washington winter.  Senior advisor David Axelrod explained “He’s from Hawaii, O.K.?” “He likes it warm. You could grow orchids in there.”

“That’s not leadership.”  Rulers don’t need to lead.  Socialism isn’t for the socialists.


About drrik

3rd career and 2nd childhood. Spends spare time repairing old things. Aspires to burn more gasoline, gunpowder, and ink in pursuit of slowing down. Child of the 60s and aspiring student of history. No desire to see us repeat the failed social experiments that keep failing for lack of human beings that meet the left wing standards and have to be killed off. Did engineering long enough to realize that very little is new and the wheel does not need to be reinvented.
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