An act of war!

An article in the New York Times that gives full and explicit details of a  cyber attack on Iran by the United States via the Stuxnet virus. 

The details of the operation.  Where it worked.  When it worked.  How it was leaked.  The cooperation we had with Israel.  The name of the secret Israeli unit that was established to carry out the attack.  The article talks about “President Obama giving direction for a cyberweapons attack during a time of peace against a United Nations member state.”

 Now for the folks that have difficulty with connections, in many parts of the world  it is much different in its ramifications when a business hacks the security of another business or when music files are downloaded.  This cyber attack on a sovereign country has direct impact on the perceived military security and safety of that country.   Doing things that screw up Iran’s national computers is little different from dropping a bomb on them.  The difference in the absence of human death not withstanding, cyberwarfare is still war when one country does it against another. 

Might be pretty cool when it hits them and they do not know where it came from.  Instead it is an act of aggression that might easily justify retaliation when they know and find it crowed about on the pages of a national newspaper.

I had postulated earlier about a pending Reichstag moment where something would occur to distract and cripple us as we get closer to November in order to foment chaos and confusion and to make the theft of the election more possible.   One of the things that seemed likely was an attack and war on Iran.  Just seems to convenient that this dramatic release of top, top-secret information would be occurring now and so blatantly calling for Iran to do something in return and soon, well before November.  The community organizer/agent provocateur could not wait for the off-chance that this might eventually be discovered.  In order for the crisis to be of use and the intervening 151 days not wasted, it must be manufactured and set in motion quickly and in a way that provides justification for a violent response.  And Iran would now incur little political ill will other than some verbage for almost any action it might take. 

So, ready for a big old economic boost as the military industrial complex gets geared up for a response to Iran’s response?  ‘Specially if they take out something big. Like a ship. Or a base. Or a city.  Because there will be nothing to be gained an election to be lost if Presbo then shows restraint to that, even though he started it.

Bomb, bomb, bomb.

Bomb, bomb, Iran.


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3rd career and 2nd childhood. Spends spare time repairing old things. Aspires to burn more gasoline, gunpowder, and ink in pursuit of slowing down. Child of the 60s and aspiring student of history. No desire to see us repeat the failed social experiments that keep failing for lack of human beings that meet the left wing standards and have to be killed off. Did engineering long enough to realize that very little is new and the wheel does not need to be reinvented.
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9 Responses to An act of war!

  1. bullright says:

    “Just seems to convenient that this dramatic release of top, top-secret information would be occurring now and so blatantly calling for Iran to do something in return and soon, well before November. ”

    Well, I think that did it. Iran has now offically become part of campaign 2012. Wonder if they sent them a letter to that effect. Oh, that was the NYT job. (I forgot) There is nothing this guy will not politicize.

    • drrik says:

      Question of whether this is going to a.)work and b.)be enough? Is Iran likely to rise to the bait? Will they ignore the poke with the sharp stick? Are there machinations going on behind the scenes that would make them believe that they could and should do something provacative? Hurts them little or none to shut off the Strait of Hormuz, for instance. What if they believed that he promised more flexibility to act after the election and that they wouldn’t end up under the bus along with everyone else, if they just did a little terrorism stuff? Even though, at this point, anyone that has access to the internet should be able to figure out that Presbo is a most untrustworthy negotiator and seems to be willing to say anything if it forwards his own separate agenda.
      Alternatively, is this actually more smoke being blown in America’s face to distract us from an even MORE dangerous activity than the promise to “act more freely’ with Russsia after the election?
      Ballet fraud all over the place, hostile lying media reports all over the place, threats and intimidation all over the place by the left in Wisconsin and it still ended up being a cake-walk for Walker. They are realizing now that they will need to step up their game if they are going to cement the November results. Not going to be pretty.

      • bullright says:

        As far as the poke: Unlike our idiot in chief, they react to things. Hard to say how exactly.
        Machinations behind the scenes? I pretty much believe this administration could not keep quiet or secret about anything. (except maybe his schemes for us) But there are the sanctions which are supposed to be kicking in. I dunno, aren’t they pretty much always involved with terrorism regardless? I agree that Obama has a credibility rating of about -50. What he says you can almost expect the opposite. I also think the left will have to really step it up. I also think the amount Zero actually cares about anything outside his reelection is very small. That’s why its funny they paint him as genius at foreign policy. Plus, I think Iran has him figured as well as us. So he doesn’t even have an element of surprise and they’ll leak anyway. What a situation! But he did largely create it himself; so now I can’t imagine how he will “use” it –” never let a crisis go to waste”, especially if you created it.

  2. thedrpete says:

    That the cyber attack occurred, and that the USA and Israel were the perps has been widely known for, maybe, a year. Therefore, the NYT piece doesn’t poke Iran. What it does is weaken the USA and Israel, our intelligence assets, and out black ops capabilities.

    The NYT piece is a gift to Iran, to alQaeda, to Russia, to China, and to Islamists everywhere.

  3. bullright says:

    I read elsewhere that insiderst assumed Obama would use it for political fodder. And he certainly is. So we have another factor, that some allies have an inherent suspicion of Captain O — not just a credibility gap. (much like we do) But yes, I really wrestle with the act of war part. That is a great point. I guess it is something they can only justify if it had a net positive effect. If it had no effect then what? Would he have much to brag about? On a related issue, I wrote about the effect the slash in price of oil was having on Iran, a critical, crippling effect. So your central theme is a good one. How would we react? I don’t know if they just handed Iran victim status to excuse what they might do. But another beneficial effect for Iran et al jihadis, sans taking their own action, is anytime they see conflict between our allies. I’m not sure that matters at all to Oman. An act of war though sheds a whole different light on the subject. Though the only real success Barry cares about is at the ballot box. But your subject here is very provoking.

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