The Politics of Destruction

All over the country, school systems and unions are crying for more tax dollars to “fix” the education system, nowhere more so than in California.  Which doesn’t work.  One of the most heavily funded school systems in the country is in DC, which has responded by becoming one of the worst performing school systems in the country. Once the rot begins, adding money just fuels the rot.

One of the few school systems in the whole country that HAS shown massive performance improvements was in New Orleans. After the hurricane. Where the existing schools were destroyed. The survivors had no choice but to be shuttled off to Catholic schools, which had survived. Since that was the only available choice, that was where the children went.  Despite the massive teeth gnashing and wailing by the unions.

And the children did better. Not a little better. A LOT better.

California schools don’t need more money.

They need a hurricane.


About drrik

3rd career and 2nd childhood. Spends spare time repairing old things. Aspires to burn more gasoline, gunpowder, and ink in pursuit of slowing down. Child of the 60s and aspiring student of history. No desire to see us repeat the failed social experiments that keep failing for lack of human beings that meet the left wing standards and have to be killed off. Did engineering long enough to realize that very little is new and the wheel does not need to be reinvented.
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2 Responses to The Politics of Destruction

  1. pepperhawk says:

    I can attest to that about Catholic schools since I spent 14 years in them.
    Great education is normal. I wonder how the socialists think they can ruin the Catholic schools?
    Ha, they can’t.

  2. bullright says:

    Well what do you know. Like Reagan said, .”… its just that they know so much that isn’t true.”

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