All rights are gun rights

“Any people anywhere, being inclined and having the power, have the right to rise up and shake off the existing government, and form a new one that suits them better. This is a most valuable, a most sacred right – a right which we hope and believe is to liberate the world. Nor is this right confined to cases in which the whole people of an existing government may choose to exercise it. Any portion of such people, that can, may revolutionize, and make their own of so much of the territory as they inhabit.”

— Abraham Lincoln January 12, 1848

“having the power”
That’s the kicker. Because when he got in power and realized that he would have to compete with a sovereign country on his south border, and that he would likely lose the competition in a free market, he decided to use guns to re-subjugate that new independent country. And they didn’t have enough power, aka guns, to protect their own rights.
Power corrupts, and quickly.
Power comes from the barrel of a gun.  People bent on freedom can be imprisoned but never enslaved.  Mao realized that.  Had to kill off 50 million free people before the rest would come in line.


About drrik

3rd career and 2nd childhood. Spends spare time repairing old things. Aspires to burn more gasoline, gunpowder, and ink in pursuit of slowing down. Child of the 60s and aspiring student of history. No desire to see us repeat the failed social experiments that keep failing for lack of human beings that meet the left wing standards and have to be killed off. Did engineering long enough to realize that very little is new and the wheel does not need to be reinvented.
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