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Who do you trust?

400 stolen missiles in Benghazi. They were part of the 20,000 Stingers that were allowed to walk durung the Khadaffi overthrow . The CIA has been running around spreading millions of dollars trying to buy them back before they could … Continue reading

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You just thought you built that

The gorilla in the room of “you didn’t build that”, is not just that an individual should get much less credit for their accomplishment, but also that the government should get a much bigger cut to redistribute out of the … Continue reading

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The Apple of my collapse

That idol of the yuppie lib-progs, Apple, makes most of its iPhones and iPads in China. Before he died, Steve Jobs was petitioned by Obama about all the jobs that they were sending overseas. Mr. Jobs said “those jobs aren’t coming … Continue reading

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What if the middle class is a threat?

Community comes from shared goals and values. In that sense, it is a threat to the government. The easiest way to destroy that shared value system is by moving a lot of people who do not value marriage, jobs, and … Continue reading

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Islam helped in the foundation of America

Obama says that we need to recognize the critical part that Islam played in the creation and developement of America. Islam played a seminal role in the formation of our nation, inspiring Jefferson to raise a navy once he found … Continue reading

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Ursine methane

The EPA is supposed to review and study existing standards to see if they are adequately protecting public health.  The EPA recently(without doing any studies) decided that the existing standard of 84 parts per billion of ozone is not adequate.  … Continue reading

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What’s it going to take?

LBJ said, “I’ll have those (N word)s voting democratic for the next 200 years.” Now the government subsidies support the democratic politicians and justify them continuing the status quo.  The machine is MUCH better at protecting itself than an occasional … Continue reading

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Revising Jefferson

When Barbary was capturing and ransoming American citizens, or else selling them into slavery, and a substantial portion of the federal treasury was going to either pay ransom or else to pay “tribute” (aka bribery to the pirates to not … Continue reading

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