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Buying time

Because of pressure from Ron Paul, Jim DeMint, and Bernie Sanders, the GAO was forced to do a partial audit of the Federal Reserve and make the results public.  Not a full audit, just a few of more egregious details. … Continue reading

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Is it safe?

Just when you thought it was. Wall Street has been making money, tens of billions in a year, buying and selling derivatives.  These are risky loans that have an insurance policy issued to cover the loss in the event of a default.  … Continue reading

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Yesterday, 10/20/11, the tax payers just got placed on the hook for another buyout.  This one makes the billion dollars given to Solyndra to funnel into the pockets of the Obama campaign fundraiser billionaire, George Kaiser look like pocket change. … Continue reading

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Bush’s toxic mortgages

Those toxic mortgages all got started under the 1996 National Homeownership Strategy.   No doubt Bush was working secretly behind the scenes from Texas to trick President Clinton into initiating and spearheading this disastrous groundwork.

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