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Who owns Israel?

Think the Israel thing was started in about 1100 BC. Then the Assyrians took over in 722 BC. Then the Babylonians in 586 BC. Then the Persians. Then a lot if little Greek cult types. Then the Romans in 63 … Continue reading

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Do as we say

The US government’s laissez-faire attitude towards the corporate cartel-state, out-running and out-gunning the elected representatives of the people in Mexico and Central America, had lead to all of those families paying their life savings to smuggle their children here to … Continue reading

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Just a hater would point out the discrepancy

Obama says there’s too much income disparity.  Wonder how many iPads Steve Jobs would have manufactured if he was earning $7.25 an hour? Must be a hater to point out this discrepancy. Or a hypocrit to ignore it.

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Not saying it did. Just that it coulda.

The Naval yard shooter said he was being harrassed by microwave mind control. In 2008, Wired magazine reported on a declassified Pentagon report re: research on using microwave voice projection technology as a weapon. The report concluded:  “Application of the … Continue reading

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What’s it going to take?

LBJ said, “I’ll have those (N word)s voting democratic for the next 200 years.” Now the government subsidies support the democratic politicians and justify them continuing the status quo.  The machine is MUCH better at protecting itself than an occasional … Continue reading

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Tangled web

A grand jury has returned a criminal indictment against Florida state prosecutor Angel Corey for falsifying the arrest warrant against George Zimmerman.  Apparantly, she left out readily available key info that cast substantial doubt on whether there was justification to … Continue reading

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Quien sabe?

George Zimmerman moved to the Retreat at Twin Lakes, in Sanford, Fla., in the summer of 2009. Two years into the Great Recession, the gated community of 260 townhomes was in the middle of a demographic transformation. The neighborhood was … Continue reading

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