A snowball’s chance

In 2010,  the coldest temperature ever yet recorded on earth was measured in Antarctica.   Minus 136 degrees Fahrenheit. While the media bemoans the decrease in Artic ice, they neglect to mention that the Antarctica cap is growing 10 times the Artic decrease.   And the folks that set out to sail through the open passage,  seems that that may have been overhyped.   Many of the boats that set out are ice-locked and now miles from any open water.

That bastion of utopian government, Chicago, that spawned our president, hit a record low this week.  One degree above zero.  Coldest weather in 18 years.  Yet he is still pushing the global warming schtick

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The pitch

OK, Georgie, you’re gonna live this.

The colonists pitched the tea in the harbor rather than pay tax on it?

So we do a whole new approach.

Leave the tax ON tea.

But now we add a fine if they DON’T buy tea.

Still call it a tax though.

Call it “Yo mama if I care”.

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Not saying it did. Just that it coulda.

The Naval yard shooter said he was being harrassed by microwave mind control.
In 2008, Wired magazine reported on a declassified Pentagon report re: research on using microwave voice projection technology as a weapon.
The report concluded:  “Application of the microwave hearing technology could facilitate a private message transmission. It may be useful to provide a disruptive condition to a person not aware of the technology. Not only might it be disruptive to the sense of hearing, it could be psychologically devastating if one suddenly heard ‘voices within one’s head.”…
Just coincidental that people going off violently and randomly happens to buttress the unconstitutional agenda.
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Radicals in the woodpile

The people of Northern California feel that they are no longer being represented by the liberal government of central California. To that end they wish to secede from California and form a new state called Jefferson. The good people of Northern Colorado come to a similar conclusion regarding themselves and the liberal government running the state out of Denver and Boulder. Ditto the situation with Western Maryland vs the liberal government of Maryland. All of these people wish to secede from the existing state and form a new political entity to go to represent themselves. To that end they represent a greater threat to the central federal government then any political nation state elsewhere in the world. The idea that people would want to govern themselves and would be allowed to secede from a body to which they are apportioned and then do so extremely threatening concept. The closer they get to fruition, the greater the likelihood is that the major media in this country will turn its attention to trying to portray them as the worst of political scourges as they represent the worst of what the current administration has come to call radical extremists. Particularly since each of those areas represents people who are earning the largest relative income in the state.  they will be portrayed as being as evil as the southern folks in 1860 who did not want to stay and continued funding three quarters of the federal government that wasn’t representing them.

I wish them well.

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Who do you trust?

400 stolen missiles in Benghazi.

They were part of the 20,000 Stingers that were allowed to walk durung the Khadaffi overthrow . The CIA has been running around spreading millions of dollars trying to buy them back before they could be used here in America . Thus far they have managed to ransom about 5000 . The joke here is that those 400 “stolen”ones were supposed to have been bought by the CIA. The “stolen” part is that the Al Qaidans stiffed the CIA and took the money AND the missiles.

Kinda gives the OTHER blood-thirsty religious zealots a bad name.

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You just thought you built that

The gorilla in the room of “you didn’t build that”, is not just that an individual should get much less credit for their accomplishment, but also that the government should get a much bigger cut to redistribute out of the success that an individual who has risked and succeeded managed to accumulate. Success is inherently OWED to the government, who redistributes it after taking a substantial cut “for their trouble”. Not enough to “give” back by growing a company or by providing security and stable jobs to the people that have risked by staying working for someone. Anyone that succeeds ends up obligated to the whole community, and at the rate the government is going, obligated to carrying the weight for 30 million folks that came here illegally as well.

There is no limit on the amount that the government sets itself up to collect. Call it a duty, call it owed, call it an obligation. It is collected at gunpoint.

There are innumerable folks that risked and sweated and spent their life savings and failed, and that picked themselves up INSTEAD of dumping themselves on the government dole to try again. But any that succeeded, the government swoops in hat and gun in hand to collect. The obligation is never adequately met but escalates.

In the meantime, the level of taxes goes up to where this is THE number one most onerous place in the world as far as tax penalty to businesses. And the regulations, same thing. THE most onerous place in the world. And the litigiousness. Number one again. Explains why neither Steve Jobs nor Bill Gates opined that they would have succeeded at starting their companies were they to do it today in America.

There are numbers of people who are leaving to start their businesses in places where they will not just a better chance of success, but also where the country they are building in does not set up as an anchor around their neck and is appreciative of the individual talent and that they CHOSE to manifest it there.

The lib-progs are missing a golden opportunity with the border fence right now. They could build it and bill it as a major compromise that they are doing to keep our country safe. And win all kind of brownie points for their willingness to cooperate. Because a fence works both ways, not just to keep folks out. And, God forbid, but with the direction that the government is taking us, with an intrusive police/welfare state, we may be less than a generation away from finding the productive, educated, entrepreneurial Americans desiring to relocate.

George Bush saddled us with a tax penalty, charging Americans who decided to permanently part company with the United States a tax penalty of 50% of all their assets. Unclear if he was thinking that this was going to be so onerous that we would find it more motivating or cheaper to stay here and fight for liberty and freedom. But it may be reaching a point where that is a relative bargain to be free of the “you didn’t build that” government.

When you start training people that nothing that they do was done by them, eventually you end up with a population who is not motivated to build anything.   Or else the productive ones  are trying to escape.

Then a fence would really come in handy.

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The Apple of my collapse

That idol of the yuppie lib-progs, Apple, makes most of its iPhones and iPads in China. Before he died, Steve Jobs was petitioned by Obama about all the jobs that they were sending overseas. Mr. Jobs said “those jobs aren’t coming back.”
Manufacturing jobs lost are usually permanently lost. Even if we got “competitive” and got our punitive corporate tax rates down to being even, instead of the worst in the world.  Even if we got our burdensome regulations down to where this wasn’t the worst place to set up and run a manufacturing plant, it still wouldn’t be enough to justify moving a plant that is built and has a supporting infrastructure elsewhere. In order to justify moving, there has to be a HUGE difference in regulatory burden and taxes to make it worthwhile giving up a going concern. Much like the HUGE difference in benefits that existed that made China such a better place when the jobs were moved.
To bring them back, we would have to be another step better than the Chinese were to us when the jobs were lost.
Besides, the grand plan is to collapse the middle class and our economy. Can’t do that if the middle class has a good job and feels cocky enough to take issue with the government. There will be no middle class in the new world order. There will only be the uber-rich, the privileged politicians who are party members, and the peons. (or peed on’s.)

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What if the middle class is a threat?

Community comes from shared goals and values. In that sense, it is a threat to the government. The easiest way to destroy that shared value system is by moving a lot of people who do not value marriage, jobs, and drug-free life style into neighborhoods that still hold those of worth. It is much easier to make those go away than to maintain them. Or to build them
Divide and conquer.
Used to be that the lowest classes aspired to be middle-class. An independent middle class is a threat to the government. Safer for the government to move everyone possible into the lower class. And with the help of the media, press and with financial incentives, that will occur.

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Islam helped in the foundation of America

Obama says that we need to recognize the critical part that Islam played in the creation and developement of America.

Islam played a seminal role in the formation of our nation, inspiring Jefferson to raise a navy once he found that 75% of the federal treasury was being spent paying bribery or ransom to the Barbary coast Muslims who raided our ships and captured our citizens.  It was the reason that Jefferson had a Koran in his personal effects after his death (not because he liked it).  It was the reason that Jefferson campaigned a national effort to have full transcripts of the Koran printed and read by American citizens that they would know well the enemy to the freedom and liberty of America (not just excerpts).  It was the motivation behind the fundraising cry for the navy “Millions for defense.  Not one cent for tribute.”  It was the reason for the fight and motivation behind some of the grandest accomplishments of the heroes of the day, such as Steven Decatur, one of the greatest heroes we’ve ever had, and the foundation of the Marine Corps Hymn.  It was the reason for the protection of the high, stiff leather collar that the Marines had to wear to protect them from the Muslim swords and that earned them the title “leathernecks”.

Islam was critical and extremely important in the formation of our country.  As a motivator.

As a dangerous threat at the time.

Ms. Obama said that Obama says “we have to change our traditions and our history”. 

I’m ok with letting go of traditions that may not be useful.  Ignoring history just seems a setup for failure.

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Ursine methane

The EPA is supposed to review and study existing standards to see if they are adequately protecting public health.  The EPA recently(without doing any studies) decided that the existing standard of 84 parts per billion of ozone is not adequate.  The were going to lower it to 75 ppb in 2009 but back pedaled when the pubic raised a din and their own science board said it was unnecessary.   They set a new level a 60 ppb, which Obama promptly postponed until after the 2012 elections.  Apparently it was a bad idea BEFORE the election but is perfectly ok now.

Except that it has a cost.  The EPA says a mere extra $92 billion drag on the economy.  The Manufacturers Alliance and the Competitive Enterprise Institute have studies showing the true cost at closer to a trillion dollars.  This on top of the current $500 billion cost of the current regulations, making us much less competitive in the world market and giving foreign products a substantial price advantage in American stores over that of American manufacturers.  The biggest drag will be the substantial fines paid to the government by every manufacturer and county that remains out of compliance.  This is pure taxation.  The new regulations place 96% of the country is out of compliance with the EPA.  Including Yellowstone Park.  Seems that volcanos, hot springs and trees all emit those evil volatile organic components that are precursors to ozone.

And grizzly bear farts.

There is a bad smell but it is not coming from the hind end of the bears.


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