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War on Women

If I could say to every husband: Do not rush to beat her whenever a problem arises. God said, ‘Admonish those of them on whose part you fear disobedience, refuse to share their beds, and beat them.’ One should not … Continue reading

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It’s ok to kill them after they’re out, isn’t it?

In 2002 Senator Preso voted against a partial birth abortion bill that also prohibited late term abortions. Worried that “that fetus, or child — however you want to describe it” that was being aborted and that the mother and abortionist … Continue reading

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A breasted interest

The Susan G Komen for the Cure, formerly known as The Susan G Komen Breast Cancer Foundation has waffled in its decision to pull the funding that it had been given to Planned Parenthood, one of the major funders and suppliers of abortions … Continue reading

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4000 a day. Dead babies. That’s how many children are aborted each DAY in the US.  Much of that through the efforts of organizations like Planned Parenthood.  Which has been getting a lot of its funding from the US government, … Continue reading

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