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Why should Warren Buffet pay more?

Mr. Buffet, after getting a nice payoff of the death of the Keystone pipeline project, which left Mr. Buffet’s new railroad as being the main transportation supplier for oil coming out of the Bakken oil fields, has famously gone on … Continue reading

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Quo vadis (who profits?)

The Keystone pipeline would have competed with and undercut the price of oil developed from North Dakota’s Bakken oil fields, currently one of the fastest growing domestic sources of supply.  It would have cut demand for Bakken oil by 100,000 … Continue reading

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Is it safe?

Just when you thought it was. Wall Street has been making money, tens of billions in a year, buying and selling derivatives.  These are risky loans that have an insurance policy issued to cover the loss in the event of a default.  … Continue reading

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