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The Apple of my collapse

That idol of the yuppie lib-progs, Apple, makes most of its iPhones and iPads in China. Before he died, Steve Jobs was petitioned by Obama about all the jobs that they were sending overseas. Mr. Jobs said “those jobs aren’t coming … Continue reading

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Environmental smoke

The Keystone pipeline, put on hold until AFTER the 2012 elections, is being held up ostensibly for environmental reasons.  It was to have entered into the US and crossed an area that had a sensitive aquifer.  And of course there … Continue reading

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He has met the enemy, and it is us

The unknown_whether the current efforts are nefarious or just misguided.  When the (inevitable) shortfall occurs, since the current spending trend is unsustainable and there aren’t enough rich people to tax, what happens?  Actually, there aren’t even enough working people to … Continue reading

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The revolution is already won

Kamrads. The worker’s paradise already exists.  It lives in Russia and China and of course in Cuba.  And will embrace you with open arms.  All ready to go and without all of the yelling and gnashing of teeth. And you … Continue reading

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