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Coup, coup, cash-you

United States law says that when coups occur, that we, the US, do not give money to the presumptive military dictatorship that gets set up.  The elected government of Egypt has been deposed in a military coup The law was written for … Continue reading

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Geographical Discrimination

Why should illegal aliens get all the goodies of amnesty and American citizenship without having to bother with applying and immigrating?  Why should folks who can’t afford to travel here be slighted when they want to be Americans too?  If … Continue reading

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Fun yet?

One of the things that fell out of the destabilizing of the west-favorable dictator in Egypt to make way for the Muslim Brotherhood, was that their radical factions had garnered some negative press that was getting in the way of … Continue reading

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Stop playing favorites

We give $3 billion dollars in loans to Israel a year, which certainly undermines their stated goal of self-reliance. We also give $12 billion in outright welfare to countries that have declared themselves to be intractable enemies of Israel and … Continue reading

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10 items or less

The US is now championing the rights of illegal immigrants.  Before they even get here. It seems that folks have figured out that Mexico is a gateway for easy access into the US, allowing folks to skip all of that … Continue reading

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