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Yes, Santa Claus, there IS a Virginia

Virginia Simahara. Born August 4, 1961.  Same day that Presbo was born. Died August 5, 1961. The following day. In Hawaii. No problemo.  Except if you are her family and want a copy of her birth certificate.  Which the family … Continue reading

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Too late to be born in Hawaii

But if you had been interested in the 1960s, that would be another matter.  Foreign nationals, primarily from Japan, would fly to Hawaii and buy a birth registration for their child to obtain the benefits of being a U.S. citizen.  … Continue reading

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He is asking us all to do our part

I for one have now prohibited my wife from jetting off to Martha’s Vineyard and to Europe for shopping trips and gourmand extravaganzas. Hawaii is off her list of social rounds this year as well. And the entourage of celebs and … Continue reading

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