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The key word is “inherent”

In just “contempt of Congress” charges, the charge has to go thru and be approved by the partisan, aka voting-for-party-over-their-oath-of-office Senate.  If the House brings “inherent contempt of Congress” charges against Holder, no such process. “In an inherent contempt proceeding, … Continue reading

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Pot calling the Kettle

The White House says that the Paul Ryan budget, just released “fails the test of fairness” for America.  This budget actually just passed the House with a vote of 228 to 191.  It makes deep cuts in current government spending. … Continue reading

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Colonel Mustard in the library

Nydia Margarita Velázquez is the U.S. Representative for New York’s 12th congressional district serving since 1993. So for 10 years now the fine folks of district 12 have had the benfit of Rep. Velasquez’s representation in Congress.  Rep Velasquez announced to … Continue reading

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Who’s your (sugar)daddy?

We have all of this government because of BOTH parties.  But the Repubs control the House from whence are distributed out all the tax dollars.  All of this government continues because the REPUBS have not shut off the spigot.  Forget … Continue reading

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Politicians are no more than normal people put in to this no longer even close to normal situation that the government of our republic has warped into being.  No longer is the Senate accountable to the states, or the people.  … Continue reading

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