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By their works shall ye know them

Obama, “the Taliban are not our enemy and we don’t want to fight them.” Autumn edition of Azan, the Tali ban magazine 4th edition,  Muslims of the West should launch attacks at home or fight in foreign battlefields,  even if … Continue reading

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Yes “we” can’t

“We can’t drive our SUVs and eat as much as we want and keep our homes on 72 degrees at all times … and then just expect that other countries are going to say OK.  That’s not leadership. That’s not … Continue reading

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At some point, YOU’ve made enough money

In Presbo’s world, there ARE no Microsofts, no GEs, no GMs, no Googles.  Noone every accumulates enough money to lauch a company that requires the invesment of millions of dollars.  Sounds like a cold, joyless place. Be nice if our … Continue reading

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