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Not Just Rotten in Denmark

The Senate has issued a report that the State Department had failed tragically to fulfill its responsibility and  to protect diplomats in Benghazi. http://conservativebyte.com/2013/01/senate-report-state-department-failed-tragically-at-benghazi/ Fish stinks from the head.  

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Terrorists acting stupidly

26 people were killed in bombings on Christmas Day in Nigeria.  Two Christian churches holding services and a state security building were targeted, in a pattern that has become almost routine with Islamist organizations initiating violence against Christians on Christmas.  … Continue reading

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Whining the war on drugs

Time to stop having disability payments and unemployment dollars go to the corner drug dealers. A check from the government should require mandatory truly random drug screening, or else the govnerment is just financing the continued drug use and exacerbating … Continue reading

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