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Buying time

Because of pressure from Ron Paul, Jim DeMint, and Bernie Sanders, the GAO was forced to do a partial audit of the Federal Reserve and make the results public.  Not a full audit, just a few of more egregious details. … Continue reading

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A low down dirty sham(e)

Little publicized by the lib-prog media are the actual details of the Republican caucus that just took place in Louisiana.  The RINOs running the Republican Party, AS WELL AS the lib-progs in the media all would have people believe that the … Continue reading

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When I wish upon a Newt

Were the Newtser to take on more of the philosophy espoused by Ron Paul, I would forgive all and vote for him in a minute, even with all the baggage and inconsistant history. Ultimately, adopting the approach of cutting spending will … Continue reading

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Foreign aid is taking money from poor people in rich contries and giving it to rich people in poor countries. Don’tcha hate it when he’s right?

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The 10/18 debate

It will be worth a glance.  To see if Mr. Cain can justify a controversial plan that happens to be unconstitutional and doesn’t address the spending, and to see if Mr. Paul can get any traction on a plan that … Continue reading

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