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The illusion of no choice

The problem here is that the English language is not specific.  It uses terms that people use even though they do not truly understand what they are identifying with.  For example, the term “liberal”.  This has been usurped by the … Continue reading

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Even the original progressive “got it”

“high rates of income and profits taxes discourage energy, remove the incentive to new enterprise, encourage extravagant expenditures, and produce industrial stagnation with consequent unemployment and other attendant evils.”_ Woodrow Wilson In other words, high tax rats on millionaires and … Continue reading

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There’s yer prablem

History is strewn with the wrecks of nations which have gained a little  progressiveness at the cost of a great deal of hard manliness, and have thus  prepared themselves for destruction as soon as the movements of the world gave … Continue reading

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Unemployment is a big problem

An even bigger problem, perhaps the biggest problem faced by our country, is that the lib/progs and the RINOs in our government have spearheaded now 50 years of subsidizing illigitimacy and the fragmentation of the family. Nothing has been as … Continue reading

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Who’s your (sugar)daddy?

We have all of this government because of BOTH parties.  But the Repubs control the House from whence are distributed out all the tax dollars.  All of this government continues because the REPUBS have not shut off the spigot.  Forget … Continue reading

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The next war

The next war, unfortunately, is going to be fought on the streets of America.  The troops of the opposition will not be the NYCC/ACORN sponsered and run OWS crowd because they are turning into a joke and are petering out, … Continue reading

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A little wisdom from blogger “snowleopard”

The manipulation: A. “99% — Farce, astroturfical and superficial lies being told; loud and long until people believe them. B. “Spontanious uprising” — Nope, the Tea Parties were, not this astroturf WORLD WIDE movement. C. “Not anti semetic” — Look … Continue reading

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