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Chain, chain, chain, the chain of fools

Found on the term paper site studymode. The first Greek alphabet alpha symbolizes the beginning of an event. Here, of course, we are talking about the beginning of the Civil War. Conventional history claims that the American Civil War started … Continue reading

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Progressive Slavery?

The Founders had to compromise on slavery in order to bring the Southern states into the Union. No provision for slavery would have meant no United States. Besides, the preamble to the Constitution reads, “In order to form a MORE … Continue reading

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The next fantastic crisis (story)!

Fantastic_ (from Merriam/Webster)_a : based on fantasy : not real b : conceived or seemingly conceived by unrestrained fancy c : so extreme as to challenge belief : unbelievable; broadly: exceedingly large or great/ 2. marked by extravagant fancy or … Continue reading

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Pros and Con-cons

Not constitutional to regulate inactivity. But somehow, it IS constitutional now to tax it?  Which is a just a twisted label for regulating it. Puts one extra step in the process between us and incarcerating us for not doing things … Continue reading

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Right to free

The “right” to free healthcare is the right of the government to forcibly conscript the labor of healthcare workers, doctors, nurses, etc, to provide you healthcare and for the government to seize tax dollars to fund that effect. The right … Continue reading

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Why u fight a war Civilly

The keeping of slaves was not the issue that the spinners would have you believe.  Right before the Civil War, Congress passed the Corbin Amendment, which would have forever institutionalized slavery in this country under the Constitutiuon as an olive … Continue reading

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