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It’s a Predator kind of day

Obama sez we must stop CO2 production and global warming. He also admitted that he can’t do 7th grade math when he was trying to help his daughters with their homework. Which makes me severely question his ability to really understand … Continue reading

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The gun treaty

A lot of controversy over the UN arms treaty that Hillary and Presbo are so hot to have the US taking part in. George Soros’s PR company, Media Matters is in full swing, broadcasting about how we have  nothing to fear … Continue reading

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Who is Alex Jones?

He is an Austin Texas radio talk show host who claims sources high within the Bush administration and who predicted in July 2001 that the global governance folks (that is one of the terms that George Soros like to bandy about) would … Continue reading

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Some ‘splainin’ to do….

It’s not Presbo’s policies of shutting down coal power plants, refusing new coal power permits, lowering production of oil on federal lands by 40%,  dragging feet on permitting any new oil well production at all that are causing the run-up in … Continue reading

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Spring plans? Soros’s got you covered

The failure of the Volt, on which Presbo had been pinning his interim plans for a green energy economic “recovery” means that Soros will not have the luxury of planning for a gradual takeover after a fully orchestrated economic collapse during … Continue reading

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A little wisdom from blogger “snowleopard”

The manipulation: A. “99% — Farce, astroturfical and superficial lies being told; loud and long until people believe them. B. “Spontanious uprising” — Nope, the Tea Parties were, not this astroturf WORLD WIDE movement. C. “Not anti semetic” — Look … Continue reading

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What’s with the guns?

Fast and Furious is not the only gunrunning activity that this adminsitration had been doing either.  They make the Reagan attempt to arm rebels in their fight against the communist government look like kindergarten. Just not clear why Presbo’s ATF … Continue reading

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