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The dark place where the 2.5 million stimulated jobs came from

We found out where the number 2.5 million jobs’ created or saved’ comes from that were credited to have been the result of the $850 billion stimulus.  It comes from a formula.  The formula comes from a theory.  The theory says … Continue reading

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Defining the enemy

Presbo said that those that are outsourcing American jobs are “enemies” of America.  $34 billion of the $831 billion dollar stimulus package went to “green jobs”.  In other countries.

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Not feeling stimulated here

‎846 billion dollars. Per the White House website, they claim a resulting 3 million jobs. If you do the math, 846 billion divided by 3, carry the million, comes out to $282,000 per job created. And most of those only … Continue reading

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