Just a hater would point out the discrepancy

Obama says there’s too much income disparity.  Wonder how many iPads Steve Jobs would have manufactured if he was earning $7.25 an hour?

Must be a hater to point out this discrepancy.

Or a hypocrit to ignore it.

About drrik

3rd career and 2nd childhood. Spends spare time repairing old things. Aspires to burn more gasoline, gunpowder, and ink in pursuit of slowing down. Child of the 60s and aspiring student of history. No desire to see us repeat the failed social experiments that keep failing for lack of human beings that meet the left wing standards and have to be killed off. Did engineering long enough to realize that very little is new and the wheel does not need to be reinvented.
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1 Response to Just a hater would point out the discrepancy

  1. drrik says:

    Zippy has increase his net worth from $1.3 million to over $12 million. While he disparages the disparity, he has been right up front to the trough taking advantage of it. By his works shall ye know him.

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